Your Activities. Your Friends. Your Trainer. YOUR DATA!

  • The problem with the hundreds of fitness apps is that:
  • 1) They go DEEP on 1-2 sports, and many of us want something simple. Plus our friends all do different sports. Martial Arts, weight lifting, tennis, running, and biking.
  • 2) Even on those 1-2 sports, they mash together data across gear (e.g., track your longest indoor bike separately from your outdoor bike)
  • 3) They’ll track, mine, and sell your data. Our foundation is privacy. You own your own data. We’ll never do any of those. Because we’re people too, and we don’t like when our favorite services do that.

So, what WILL Cryft.Fit do?

Our roadmap isn’t public until we have more of it built, but is available on our discord server (see below for link). We have 3 primary audiences:

1. Individuals. Track both “What have I done” and “What should I do”

2. Small friend groups (Pods).

3. Coaches and Personal Trainers.

If you want to review that roadmap and add onto it, join us there!

When will we launch?

We’re still building everything. If you want to help test please join the discord server at https discord dot gg (s-l-a-s-h) cryftfit .

Yes we know that looks weird but we dislike bots and spammers 🙂